There’s lots of talk at the moment about Christianity needing to ‘get with the programme’ when it comes to its approach to matters of sex and relationships. The out of date needs to get up to speed and the traditional needs to get a bit more radical.


But three articles have crossed my path in the last few weeks that have reminded how Christianity’s approach has something far more attractive, far more ‘radical’, than much of what we see in our culture. Largely we live at a time in the West where the individual is championed above all. The individual’s rights, desires, perspective, whether that be in regard to marriage, sexuality or dating, and a whole host of other areas of life. It’s all about me.

Yet these three pieces show Christianity putting forward something different. Something that is turned radically outward. Something that offers a different way.

One where our natural inclination to self-infatuation and turning to a lover to meet all our needs is confronted with a commitment to community shaped by the Lover who is eternally faced outwards.

I found these a healthy challenge. Have a read…

– On Marriage & Community:

Marriage for the Common Good:

“When lovers are staring into one another’s eyes, their backs are to the world.”

Theologian James K. A. Smith argues that we need a radical correction to the typical view of marriage that pervades in our culture and in our churches. Which way are you facing?

– On Sexuality & Community:

Traditional Sexuality, Radical Community:

“I believe one of the most serious callings of the church in our age is to create new, counter cultural plausibility structures that makes the life and demands of the gospel plausible, practical and attractive.”

Pastor Corey Widmer puts forward a vision for church community that is hugely important for our cultural moment, when the Bible’s teaching is increasingly questioned and when following Jesus is deemed to be too costly.

– On Dating & Community:

Dating Advice You Actually Need:

“Over the years I’ve come to see that there is one key mark of a maturing relationship centered and continually centring itself on Christ…”

A refreshing approach to dating from Derek Rishmawy, and you’ll probably be surprised what the advice is. Turns out it was pretty essential for me.

What do you think?

3 examples of Christianity's radical community-centred approach to marriage, sexuality & dating