It’s been yonks since I last wrote on my previous blog, over at Blogger. But for a number of reasons I’ve made the call to pick it up again, albeit over here at WordPress. Chiefly this decision to step off the bench is because, as I originally intended it, I believe a blog provides the discipline of writing that will help me to develop as a communicator and thinker. Having not done this for a while, I think I’ve missed this, so here goes with v2.0.

I don’t expect the content to change much; the same mix of thoughts, reflections, and reviews of things I’m experiencing, reading & listening to, or just generally engaging with in life & Christian ministry. When I first began That Happy Certainty (based on a quotation from Luther on the joy of the assurance of knowing Christ through His work), I was an undergraduate up at Durham. I then picked up the blog during my spell in London as a ministry associate at a church, and I’m now in Cheltenham working full-time for another church, whilst seconded on a part-time basis to a Christian organisation involved in secular youthwork, so to some extent the context and detail of the things I’m writing about will be different.

Back in the game