Martin Downes hosts an interview with Carl Trueman here who has some important things to say about humility. The internet is a unique portal, where words can be seen by all and brought up long after they were issued. We had a quotation on our bathroom door back home that read ‘Keep your words tender, for tomorrow you may have to eat them‘. It’s true; the bathroom quote page rarely lies.
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Also, the latest press release from UCCF on the

Word Alive

issue can be found here.

The definite lack of original content on the blog in recent weeks has been due to the fact that revision is well underway for finals (finishing June 1st). However, I have posted two pics of my own handcrafted dinner-for-one from Saturday night. On the left we have leftovers of my homemade lemon ice-cream, and on the right we have a fish-finger, peas, and lettuce sandwich, with added mayo.

A Year Ago: At church we were looking at God’s sovereignty and suffering; where the rubber hits the road and theology is shown to be truly practical.

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