What an exciting promise from Daniel 7.18 – it’s been really exciting to get stuck into the first seven chapters of Daniel this term. As the series drew to a close last night it’s incredible to look back on so much fulfilled prophecy, and looking forward to it’s total fulfilling when the Lord Jesus returns!

It’s been sad to say, or avoid saying, ‘goodbye’ to so many leavers this week – the old classic ‘See you in Heaven if not before’ couldn’t be more true, and it certainly helps to cement the fact that we are a people who have a hope. One day we shall share in the kingdom of the Most High – ‘the kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High’ (7.27).

I was reading an article about a burglary at Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek’s house, and how so much of his medals, football shirts, and other memorabilia had been stolen. A Liverpool FC spokesperson made some remark about it being the “memorabilia of someone’s career and also a lifetime”. But the reality is that nothing on this old earth can match the treasure of being in Jesus, of possessing the new heaven and earth. No CD collection, no hoard of KCB’s (keen Christian books), no nothing!

“I’ve thrown it all away, that I may gain a life in you. I’ve found all else is loss, compared to the joys of knowing you. Your beauty and your majesty are far beyond compare, you’ve won my heart, now this will be my prayer: Take the world but give me Jesus – you’re the treasure in this life. Now I’ve seen you as the Saviour, I will leave the rest behind…”

Matt Redman, with a little help from Fanny Crosby and Paul and Mark and Jesus.

But the saints of the Most High shall recieve the kingdom and possess the kingdom for ever, for ever, and ever'.