Journeying through Lamentations this Lent

Journeying through Lamentations this Lent

The book of Lamentations is not a well-trodden part of the Bible. Yet dwelling in its bleak shadows, we can find surprising treasure. And for broken people living in a broken world, Lamentations’ aching sorrow is strangely refreshing.

That's why I'd love to introduce you to a new Lent devotional I have written.

Finding Mercy On The Way of Sorrow journeys through this precious book of Lamentations - and seeks to take you from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

It contains a daily reflection and response section for the forty days of Lent, including a link to a curated Spotify playlist and response song. The playlist of all the suggested response songs is accessible here.

This Lent, come and walk through the ruins of unflinching grief, brokenness and sorrow - and there re-discover the unfailing grace of God in Jesus Christ.

Although the book retails at £7.99, 10ofthose have made a phenomenal bulk buy offer available of 100 for £100, which means church members could just pop £1 in to your plate as they pick one up at church - or it could be the church's Lent gift to them. Access that here.

You can also freely download a special guide I have designed for preachers and service planners from Gumroad here, which sets out how you might like to 'follow along' on Sundays, as well as some ideas for exploring how the theme of lament might run through your Sunday services.

Thanks for your support! Any questions, please get in touch.