Earlier this week I had the joy of being part of a two-day ministers’ intensive on Paul’s letter to the Galatians, with renowned New Testament scholar Douglas J. Moo.

Galatians kind of cemented itself as one of my favourite books in the Bible after Zoe & I spent a number of months studying it as a core part of the church-based ministry training scheme we did a few years back. Big grace, the wonder of adoption, the gasps of freedom and life by the Spirit. Surely, the perfect way to begin getting to know your future wife?

Anyway, the intensive was put on by Oak Hill College, where I am currently studying. Although it was aimed at sharpening and refreshing those in the midst of ministry, there were a few student places left over. Having found Dr Moo’s commentaries really stimulating in the past (particularly Romans), I jumped at the chance to hear him unpack Galatians in the flesh.

I was asked to post a short reflection each day for the Oak Hill blog, and I hope they give an insight both into the nature of the conference as well as Moo’s thoughts on the book of Galatians itself:

Day 1 – reflecting on Moo’s model of scholarship for the sake of the church.

Day 2 – reflecting on the value of these short “pastors’ intensives”.

Day 3 – reflecting on some of Moo’s overall comments on the book of Galatians.

While you’re there, why not check out the Summer 2014 edition of Commentary, Oak Hill’s twice-yearly magazine, which focuses on the possibilities and responsibilities of the imagination.

Musings with Moo: Reflections on three days in Galatians