Mark Driscoll blogs on a lecture he observed from Jim Packer (or ‘J.I.’, if you know him well) here. Reading Knowing God again has made me realise how brilliantly rich Packer’s writings are. You just long to keep devouring the pages as he throws his flashlight on the glorious God of the gospel, inviting us to grasp something of who God is, and marvel and change. Driscoll writes that Packer’s address ended with three exhortations, which I’ll quote here:
  1. The hope of our glory must always lie beyond this world and to nurture that hope a reading of the Puritan Bunyan’s book Pilgrim’s Progress is essential.
  2. Total and continual immersion in the Psalms is exceedingly good for the soul and too infrequently practiced.
  3. Studying the lives of those who faithfully handled God’s Word is helpful and Charles Haddon Spurgeon and Martyn Lloyd-Jones must be included at the top of that list.
HT: The Resurgence

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