The Book: Filtered Grace


Not only has Instagram planted itself firmly onto the social media landscape, but it’s become an established part of the daily practices and habits of our lives. With a third of US 14-34s now apparently using Instagram and over 300,000,000 users worldwide, the photo-editing and shaing app has become a household name, as well as an online phenomenon.

But why is Instagram so popular and how should we be engaging with it? That’s what Filtered Grace is all about.


In a series of short reflections, I want to persuade you that the Christian worldview both makes sense of Instagram’s prevalence, and it speaks compellingly into the Instagram culture’s aches and longings. Drawing on themes like common grace, redemption, sin, worship and identity, Filtered Grace seeks to help us affirm the good, examine our own hearts, and critically engage with an app and activity that has become a staple part of our lives.

You can currently download the ebook format for free via Noisetrade here. I’d love to know what you think!

You can read more about why I put it together here.

Here’s what some others thought about it:

“An intelligent and uplifting look at how the Christian worldview enables us to make sense of the ins and outs of this popular app… Interesting, and helpful in making sense of what drives me to share my filtered pictures with the world… It’s a good read whether you are a Christian or not.”

– Naomi Clemo (@NimClem), Pastoral Assistant, Cambray Baptist Church

“A pithy, important eBook thinking about what the Christian Gospel has to say to the world of Instagram… a wonderful snapshot of what it means to apply the Gospel, the good news of Jesus, to an area of human activity, in this case, Instagram.”

– Thomas Creedy (@ThomasCreedy), PA to the President, London School of Theology

“A great lil ebook about Instagram. Great read, especially for those of us who love beautiful things and taking pictures of beautiful things…”

– Gabrielle Samuel (@gabbie_sammie), Brixton Local Church & London City Mission

“An intriguing ebook about Instagram… worth checking out”.

– Mark Meynell (@Quaerentia), Senior Associate Minister, All Souls Langham Place

“Even though I don’t personally use Instagram I still found the book applicable and thought provoking to my life and faith.”

– David Blain, Top bloke and brother-in-law to the author


‘Filtered Grace’ Contents:

Introduction: My Instagram Confessional

1: A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words and A Billion Dollars: The Story Behind Instagram

2: Sharing is Declaring: How Instagram Shows We Were Made To Praise

3: Being Where We Are: Social Media & Learning Creatureliness

4: I Selfie Therefore I Am: Putting Me In The Frame

5: Fingerprints on the Screen: ‘Gramming with Gratitude

6: Conceal, Don’t Feel: Living in a World of Salvation by Filter

7: Beautiful Bodies, Hungry Eyes & Disordered Desires

8: God’s Selfie and Why Seeing is Not Always Believing