The lovely people in our evening meeting have kicked off a blog to encourage us to be thinking about applying God’s word long-term. We were talking today about the danger of not listening well as we hear God’s word preached and its been brilliant to be forced to actually confront the deafness that so quickly springs up within us. It seems that a sermon can be so transient – you hear it on a Sunday, I pray it through on a Monday, but then… where does the word go?

Encountering God can’t be a momentary thing – it must change, transform, hit… That’s what ‘applying the word’ is all about of course, but I don’t really think about application like that. What has God been teaching me over the last few weeks? How has he changed me recently? Not just did I understand that passage on Sunday, or even be wowed by the God in it, but whether I am encountering God. Long-term transformation. How has reading Romans changed me over the last 3 weeks? As I’ve seen Jesus call me to sit at his feet in Luke and challenge my view of discipleship, have I responded?

Hearing that ends in doing. It’s not rocket-science, but I find it easy to forget.

The Importance of Listening…