The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (3/11/19)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (3/11/19)

Seven up…

1) The Early Church Thrived Amid Secularism and We Can Too – Nothing ground-breaking here if you’re familiar with Keller’s work on culture or Tim Chester’s Everyday Church, but an encouraging article nonetheless.

2) How Tim Keller Seeks to Pray Without Ceasing – I loved these prayers for different points of the day from Tim Keller. Hey, it’s almost as if Tom Cranmer was onto something when he wrote his Book of Common Prayer…

3) Two Habits of Successful Parents – Simple, but very culturally perceptive as to why these two habits are becoming rarer.

4) Faith, hope and love at the coming General Election – A helpful Christian perspective from Danny Webster of the Evangelical Alliance as those of us in the UK prepare for 12th December.

5) The Noonday Demon – Acedia isn’t a word we use much these days, and it’s often translated as ‘sloth’ or ‘laziness’, but this is a helpful and timely reminder that it speaks of something more, closer to ‘restlessness’, which in turn lights up so many of our cultural struggles.

6) Kanye West and the Prodigal God – I felt like I was the only one not to blog about Kanye West this week. I loved this one from Ollie Lansdowne, including this line: “Comparisons to the prodigal son write themselves – but it’s worth remembering that the punchline of that parable is not the surprising turn-around of the prodigal. It’s the reception he receives when he heads home.” Pastor and former rapper Duncan Forbes offers his track-by-track review of West’s new album, Jesus is King, here. You might like this piece on how the record embodies Martin Luther’s theology of grace.

7) What Conductors Are Really Doing – For something a bit different, we’ve all pretended to be one – but what are they actually doing?!