The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (3/6/18)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (3/6/18)

Seven up…

1) What do coffee, a concert pianist and a Bible Overview have in common? – A clever little video showcasing the value in doing a Bible overview, i.e. seeing how the whole Bible fits together.

2) Bite-Sized Bible for Bruised Believers – Thirty short Bible reflections – one for each day in June – that particularly consider how God speaks into our feelings of being depressed, weary and overwhelmed.

3) Simon Thomas: “I promised my wife I wouldn’t give up on my faith” – Moving interview with TV presenter, Simon Thomas, a Christian, after he lost his wife to cancer last year: “[My Christian faith] gives me the hope that one day I’m going to see her again. I know some will say ‘Oh it’s just a nice kind of emotional crutch that helps you at times like this’, but for me it’s real… The story of what Jesus did on the cross, and rising again, is what my faith is based on.” The full episode of Songs of Praise, from which this interview is taken, will be available from Sunday evening here (and I’m hoping they show all four verses of his song choice, In Christ Alone…).

4) God Loves Your Messy, Unimpressive Church – So many of us need this 🙂

5) Twelve Tips for Parenting in the Digital Age – Tony Reinke, author of the brilliant 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You, offers wisdom on parenting and technology.

6) Christians on SoloI haven’t yet seen the latest spin-off Star Wars franchise “anthology” movie, but Sam Allberry and Sam Chan have both offered their reflections on the film and its themes.

7) Benedict Cumberbatch saying Penguins – For something a bit different, it’s good to know that even thespians can muddle their words on occasion…