The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (5/7/20)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (5/7/20)

Wow, July is here. Apologies for no Refill last week. Some weeks that just has to happen! Anyway, here’s your seven up…

1) Act to Stop Europe’s most extreme abortion law being introduced to England and Wales – Most babies survive outside the womb at 28 weeks. Only 1% of women support the relaxation of abortion limits from its current 24 weeks. 70% of women want a tightening of limit. 59% want it at 16 weeks. The most common limit in the EU is 12 weeks. It’s not too late to contact your MP on Sunday night or Monday morning to ask them to oppose sex-selective abortion upto 28 weeks as part of an extreme amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill. This Right to Life site has made it really easy to do so using the link above.

2) Shepherding: The Work & Character of a Pastor – I often appreciate these online journals from 9Marks. This seems a ‘good-un’, focusing specifically on the work & character of the pastor. Have only so far had a look at David Mathis’ article ‘Drinking from the Fountain of Mirth‘, which was refreshing.

3) National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast 2020 – Catch up on this week’s PPB – normally taking place with hundreds gathering in Westminster, but this time gathering online. Appreciated Bishop Graham Tomlin’s words and orders led by various Christian MPs. Worth sharing with your local MP, if you haven’t already.

4) We Have A Lamb – This is stunning from Phil Moore, Glen Scrivener & friends. Share away!

5) Crosslinks Online Summer Meeting – This is a great opportunity to listen and learn from Christians around the world as they reflect on how suffering and hardship strengthens faith and advances the gospel. Crosslinks is an international mission society working principally within the worldwide Anglican Communion.

6) Re-Opening Church Buildings – Bit of a collection here. Carey Nieuwhof in the US asks ‘Should You Close Your Church Building After Re-Opening It?‘ and suggests perhaps ‘yes’. Johannes Mueller reflects on two months of being back in church buildings in Germany with ‘Thoughts on worshipping after the Lockdown‘. Meanwhile, Premier Christianity picked up on why some Christian leaders are taking legal action against the British Government’s response to Coronavirus in regard to Christian public worship. John Stevens responds by explaining why he doesn’t think the restrictions have been a ‘a Fundamental Breach Of Our Religious Liberty?

7) Keeping the faith: religion in the UK amid coronavirus – For something a bit different, this is an interesting photo essay of different religious practice across the UK through lockdown.

Quote of the Week:

“Many churches in UK today will not be reopening for public worship. Some can’t, others aren’t ready, others have decided that it is better for the body to remain online for the moment. If you are not meeting, don’t feel inadequate or second-class. The Lord is still with you. You can still hear his word, pray, praise him & encourage one another. You can still honour and glorify him. You can still reach your community with the gospel.”

John Stevens