The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (9/2/20)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (9/2/20)
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Seven up…

1) Grace Liberates Your Parenting – Paul David Tripp sits down with Elyse Fitzpatrick to discuss how grace will radically change the way we parent and relate to our children. Our women’s discipleship groups watched this twenty-minute clip this week, and then we watched it as a couple. Didn’t regret it!

2) Creating a Daily To-Do List – James Lawrence is always good value on leadership. Many of us may scribble a daily list each day. This is a good reflection on how that tool might help us even more.

3) ‘Being Human’ Podcast – I really enjoyed tuning into this new podcast from Jo Frost and Peter Lynas at the Evangelical Alliance, which looks at what it means to be human. The first season is going to particularly explore the issue of ‘freedom’, which is huge in our cultural moment. Why not give it a listen and subscribe if you like it?

4) Five Reasons to Recover Benedictions at Church – Does what it says on the tin.

5) MPs Maiden Speeches – Two fascinating maiden speeches in the House of Commons from the last fortnight: firstly, Danny Kruger, who gently suggests we need to be careful not to dismiss Christianity in our ‘modern’ world, not least because of what it reveals about our sense of identity: “we are children of God, fallen but redeemed, capable of wrong but capable of great virtue…”. Secondly, ex-soldier Stuart Anderson shared his powerful story of tragedy, alcoholism and considering suicide, before “finding faith” at church.

6) ‘Do not ask your children to strive’ – Came across this poem from William Martin this week – something delightfully Ecclesiastes about this!

7) The incredible ibex defies gravity – For something a bit different, I give you the Ibex. The BBC clip is a few years old, but I’d not seen it before. Incredible. Praise the Lord!