The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (22/10/17)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (22/10/17)
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Seven up…

1) How God Has Upheld Connie Dever – One woman’s story of how God kept her going through her (on-going) journey with cancer.

2) Are your meetings SMART? – FIEC’s Church Leadership Consultant shares some advice on running effective meetings.

3) Now teaching Christian doctrine at a church school is ‘extremist’. Move over Monty Python – David Robertson responds to the news that a Church of England primary school has banned a Christian educational group from giving assemblies, despite the headteacher denying the group has done anything wrong.

4) Psalms for Weary Souls – Free album – To mark the release of Matt Searles’ new Psalms devotional, he’s giving away his latest album, Tumbling Sky (which inspired the book), as a free download (scroll to the bottom of the linked page to get the album). It’s a brilliant record and showcases how the Psalms are God’s gift to help us engage with him in times of trial, and to find in Jesus Christ rest for our weary souls. Download and you won’t be disappointed.

5) Cooper & Cary Have Words – Enjoying this new podcast from comedy-writer James Cary & presenter/writer Barry Cooper, looking at “culture, theology, the arts, and the weather… well they are British”. The debut episode includes Martin Luther and Game of Thrones…

6) Reaching students in specialist colleges – Part of an excellent blog series by Peter Dray on how student ministry should be shaped by the type of university in view, e.g. red brick/cathedral group/plate glass. Required reading if you’re involved in student ministry.

7) Inside the Pantone color factory – For something a bit different, this is fascinating!

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