How’s this for a chat-up line: ‘I’ve just moved to London to begin a few years at theological college.’

Now, thankfully I’m married, so I don’t have opportunity to use it. But chances are if I did, you’d be pretty weirded out (though there’d be multiple reasons for that!). I think often we consider ‘theology’ as a bit of an obscure academic thing, not really knowing what to make of it.

Or maybe you want to know how to pray for me while I’m here, or others in a similar position? Maybe you’re in a similar position yourself?

I commend to you this little 3-minute video by Kelly Kapic; I’ve found it a very helpful summary of some of the things we’ve thought about over the last week concering why I’m here.

If you know of someone beginning at Uni to read Theology this autumn, or someone heading to Theological College, this would be a great little gift! The book’s available here and a free pdf of the first chapter is here.

HT: Theology Network

What I need to hear as I begin a few years at theological college…