I’ve since produced an updated list for Christmas 2014, here, and Christmas 2015, here.

A friend asked me the other day if I knew of any short ‘make you think’ type-of-films related to Advent or Christmas to use at school. I’ve seen a few used over the last couple of years, but after I emailed some friends and asked around on Facebook a whole load more surfaced.

And so it seemed to make sense to compile them here. The caveat is they do vary significantly in spiritual-content, cheese-factor, and apologetic value, but you can decide for yourselves…

(To download full versions or play in church, you may well need to pay for some of these – details should be on the various links below)

1. Someone is Coming (graphical Bible overview giving context of Christmas)

2. The Christmas Chord (great spoken word colloquial piece from Dai Woolridge)

3. Christmas in Dark Places (great new visual poem piece from Glen Scrivener)

4. A Social Network Christmas (this has been around the last few years)

or similarly:

5. Joseph (Dai Woolridge’s 2013 piece – really enjoyed this)

6. 21st Century Christmas (new spoken word piece from UCCF & Rael Mason)

7. Anti-Santy Ranty (last year’s Glen Scrivener & 10ofthose spoken word piece)

or non-text:

8. That’s Christmas (stimulating piece from St Helen’s from a few years ago)

9. What is Advent? Gangnam Style (enjoyed this!)

10. Bethlehemian Rhapsody (very clever)

11. The Shepherd’s Story (I have to include this because it features my bro in the prime of his youth!)

12. Animated Nativity (beautiful piece filmed by my friend Dan Millest)

13. Unto Us – Mary & Joe (earthy visual modern re-telling of Mary & Joseph’s situation)

14. The Christmas Gospel (meditation on Jesus’ birth through the lens of the cross, based on a Tim Keller sermon)

On Vimeo here.

15. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (beautiful, clever piece telling the Bible’s story through a painting)

On Vimeo here.

What about you? Do you know of any others – please post them below.

15 of the best Christmas & Advent Short-Films 2013