22 Corker Christmas & Advent Videos for 2017

22 Corker Christmas & Advent Videos for 2017

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas – and here’s an amazing amount of gospel creativity crammed into twenty videos to help you communicate the joy of Christmas. Perfect for sharing online or playing at carol events & assemblies, etc.

You can download many of these for free through Go Chatter, an online hub of bitesize videos that get people talking about Jesus. I’ve include the relevant download links below each video. You can read my interview with Go Chatter’s Digital Evangelist, Dan Rackham, here.

1) Meet The Nativity – Glen Scrivener/Speak Life

Glen Scrivener & team have gone big this year. Rather than one video we’re getting an episode a week in the run-up to Christmas as we’re introduced to four twenty-first century characters who find their place in the first century Nativity. Share away!

Episode 1: The Boyfriend

Watch ‘The Story Behind Episode 1’ here.

Episode 2: The Girlfriend

Watch ‘The Story Behind Episode 2’ here.

Episode 3: The Stepmother

Watch ‘The Story Behind Episode 3’ here.


2) Wrapping Paper – Co-Mission

The story of an old teddy bear’s Christmas wish takes us deeper into our longings for acceptance and sense of shame, and presents the wonder of the Christian gospel this Christmas.


3) Mary’s Song – Cath & Dai Wooldridge (Bible Society/Spoken Truth)

Cath Wooldridge performs Mary’s Magnificat from Luke’s gospel. Chord chat available here.


4) He Came Down – Glen Scrivener

A powerful film picking up on how the Christmas story is all about a God who comes all the way down to the manger, who entered into our helplessness and humanity – showing both the goodness of human life and the wonder of his grace.

5) The Greatest Journey – Bible Society & Dai Wooldridge

Clever re-telling of the Christmas journey in the style of the popular kids’ book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.


6) Light in the Darkness – Ben Moon

A special spoken word piece well worth sharing.

7) The Holy Office – Dai Wooldridge

After all the political controversy of the last couple of years, Dai asks, “who’s really in charge?” before seeking to persuade us that the baby in the manger may have everything to do with it.

8) Christmas in Dark Places – Glen Scrivener

The haircut’s changed, but this is still one of my favourites. A video that particularly recognises that many find themselves in a dark place this Christmas season.


9) The Characters of Christmas – Go Chatter

Cute video of children re-enacting and narrating the nativity story. Solid. And there’s an accompanying book


10) The Well Good News of Christmas – Bible Society

Dai Woolridge & Emma Randall team up for the Bible Society to create this short, poetic animation exploring how the nativity story fits with the Bible’s big story. Get the accompanying book here.


11) Are You Ready for Christmas? – Go Chatter

Roger Carswell warmly narrates this graphic and asks the question, “are you ready for what God wants to give you this Christmas?” You pick up an accompanying book and free downloads of posters, invites and the high definition version of this video here.


12) Who Would Have Dreamed?

Who Would Have Dreamed? from Sovereign Grace Music’s stunning Prepare Him Room album is fast becoming one of my favourite Christmas songs. Here the song’s beautiful arrangement and lyrics are set to a thought-provoking animation of the Christmas narrative.

13) A Great Light – Moving Works

Contemporary re-telling of the promised events of Isaiah 9, ‘for to us a child is born’. More information here.

14) Christmas According to Kids – Southland Christian Church

Mostest Cutest?!

15) “Away in a What?” – Tiger Finch Creatives

In essence, a fun Bible overview in everyday language…


16) The Gift God Gave Us – Video Bible Talks

Video Bible Talks is all about creating free expositional Bible teaching that equips, resources and supports leaders with faithful Bible preaching and teaching using the medium of digital video. These aren’t super-short because they’re more designed to play in a teaching setting, but still well worth checking out and making use of.

17) Miracles can’t happen (and an exception) – Plungepool Media

Jonathan Greenaway gets under the surface of the response that God becoming human ‘just couldn’t happen’.

18) Jesus: Truth or Fairytale – Youthscape

I reckon this is particularly apt for secondary-school age. Meg Cannon particularly highlights how there’s much in the nativity story for young people to relate to, whilst asking whether it’s fact or fiction.

19) Four Kinds of Christmas – Glen Scrivener

Fabulous one-shot video from 2015, and so well thought-out. I love the way it get us to consider which of the ‘four kinds’ we are, after all everyone loves working out their ‘type’. Again, there’s an interactive website and book, which could be a great conversation starter.


20) What’s in the Box? – The Good Book Company

Clever animation designed to get people re-thinking about Christmas. Comes with accompanying book by Rice Tice & Nate Morgan-Locke.

21) The Beggar – Mike Hood

A simple, moving and refreshing piece of story-telling that gives Soren Kierkegaard’s musings on the wonder of Incarnation a contemporary feel.

22) An Unexpected Christmas

The story of Christmas told by the kids of St Paul’s Church, Auckland, New Zealand. The cute level is going up…

What did I miss? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below!

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