Over the last week or so I’ve been enjoying reading Passion, by Mike McKinley. The subtitle, ‘how Christ’s final day changes your every day‘, gets to the heart of what Passion is about. It’s essentially a devotionally-applied walk-through of the final moments of Jesus’ life, as recounted in Luke’s gospel. Given it’s so easy to get blasé about Jesus’ death, McKinley’s warm style and gentle exploration of the biblical account are a welcome aid to freshly unpacking the significance of Jesus’ death for everyday life.

All in all, Passion is well-suited to reading with a few friends, or going through as a daily devotional. The chapters are fairly short, punchy, and engage well with sceptic and older Christian alike. You can pick up it up from its publisher, The Good Book Company. Here’s a short clip from the author:

On the subject of Easter reading, you may also want to get your virtual hands on Raised? Doubting the Resurrection, a free ebook looking at the evidence and implications of the claim that Jesus came back to life.


Here’s what the authors, Jonathan Dodson & Brad Watson, say:

If he really did defeat death, it changes everything. Doubt well and you can walk away from skepticism, cynicism, or blind faith into perceptive belief, intellectual security, and deeper commitment. You can know that you have honestly questioned the resurrection.

Have you ever considered the resurrection? Or perhaps you know someone who’d benefit from this book? It’s available for free download in a variety of formats here.

A Book is for Life, not just for Easter…