So if you haven’t seen them yet, you’re probably either not on Facebook or you’re enjoying luxurious Sochi for the Winter Olympics (cough, cough). But just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, to celebrate Facebook’s tenth birthday this week, the social network has created personalised 62-second movies summarising each users’ FB history.

But do they really tell a fair story? There’s been some hilarious responses, most of them mocking the fact that nearly all of us are sharing these videos, apparently expecting all our friends will be willing to watch each others – as if they’d be that different anyway. Although, as

this emotional plea from a father to see his dead son’s video

shows, it’s interesting how Facebook is so much part and parcel of how we remember our lives now.

Anyway, this video stood out as an alternative, imagining how an honest Facebook movie might play out:

A Little Bit of Friday Fun: An Honest Facebook Movie