Disney’s latest film Frozen has proved to be something of a winter hit over the holidays. A heart-warming tale of two alienated sisters, it has been noted that this tale takes a different route to many of Disney’s others; rather than true love being found in a kiss, Elsa and Anna find that true love is found in

sacrificial love to the point of death.Anyway, serious messages aside, the main song from the film is an absolute belter. S

ung by Idina Menzel,

 who plays Elsa, “Let it Go” is 


-esque (unsurprising given Menzel also played the part of Elphaba in


) and has already been 


 for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. As such, it’s become one of those songs that everyone seems to fancy having a crack at on Youtube.

Somewhat subverting that genre of ‘singalong selfie’ in a rather refreshing manner is Aaron Mendez, or rather his daughters Maddie and Zoe. Not exactly The Voice, but hilarious and wonderful all the same. Enjoy.

A Little Bit of Friday Fun: Kids Singing Frozen