Corker Offer on Excellent Study Bible

Corker Offer on Excellent Study Bible

I can still remember when someone took the time to show me how the Bible is actually one big story about what God’s doing in the world. Suddenly I saw that the good news of Jesus runs through the Bible like the writing in a stick of rock – both in promise and fulfilment. It blew my mind – and completely changed how comfortable I felt reading certain parts of the Bible. (You know, like deepest darkest Leviticus or 1 & 2 Chronicles, which I have to admit had been getting pretty dusty…)

And that’s what the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible is all about. Its strapline is “Christ in all the Scriptures; Grace for all of life”.

(By the way, if you’ve never come across the idea of a ‘study Bible’ before- and there’s lots of different ones out there – it basically means you’ve got the text of the Bible plus lots of helpful explanatory notes and commentary alongside it – all in one book! And don’t be put-off by the ‘study’: as this particular version’s name reveals, the goal of engaging with God’s word is always us being transformed – so this isn’t dull or dry.)

So when I heard that British book distributor 10ofthose would be offering a fantastic one-off sale on this particular study Bible, the Gospel Transformation Bible, I figured that’s worth sharing.

Depending on whether you bulk-buy, you can get them for as low as £7 (TruTone edition) or £9 (Leather edition). They normally retail for £50 and £70 respectively.


The offer only runs today – 12th September – and is first come first served.

There’s an introduction to every book of the Bible, as well as notes accompanying each passage. Different pastors and writers like Kevin DeYoung, Nancy Guthrie, and Graeme Goldsworthy take time to explain how books of the Bible that we might have previously struggled to understand or to see how they fitted in with Jesus, are now unpacked and put in their context. And it’s not just about explanation, but application too. In fact, these notes are a brilliant model for how the message of the Bible is to shape not just our external actions, but our hearts.

You can see a 60-page free sample to whet your appetite here.

You also get free access to the online edition.

My only bug-bear is that it’s basically only American authors, but – hey – that’s good for our British humility, right…

Check out the offer here – and watch this 2-minute promo below:

Disclaimer: The distributor has sent me a free copy of this book to review, but I hope this is still a fair and honest review.