Challenged by this quote from Mark Baddeley:

“[God] will not always stand between you and harm or death. But he will be there for you in it, and will carry you through it. Your life may seem like death, but even death has been forced to bow the knee to the Prince of Life, who will carry his own brothers and sisters through the dark gate that he trod, who will hold them as the Father completes the great job of putting everything under Christ’s feet, and who will then raise them up and present them to that same Father who loved them in the eternal ages before they ever existed.

Sometimes people need to be told, “Trust God!”; sometimes people need to hear “God can be trusted!”

From Mark Baddeley, “Dos and Don’ts when Dealing with the Downcast,” in Facing Depression Together (ed. Paul Grimmond; Matthias Minizines; Kingsford, Australia: Matthias Media, 2010). p.11.

Don't just say 'Trust God!'; show why God can be trusted…