Met with a group of brothers and sisters last night for our second excavation into Daniel, this time Daniel 2 (with the help of 7.1-14 and 8.3-8, 20-21). Incredible! From a bit of net-trawling I figure there’s a bit of debate as to what the fourth kingdom is, but if we can safely say Babylon is #1 (2.28), Medo-Persia is #2 (8.20), and Greece is #3 (8.21), then historically it makes sense if Rome comes next, thus is #4. How amazing that the stone that forms the everlasting kingdom (2.35, 44), which chapter 7 implies is the Son of Man (7.13-14), strikes during the fourth kingdom.

The look on one of my sisters face when she figured ‘…hang on… Jesus arrived on the scene during the Roman kingdom… no way…!’ was quite something. Immense!

Daniel’s attitude to God’s revelation is a bit of a nudge… how often do I


bless the God of heaven for the revelation given in his Word…

His Kingdom Come!

'He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings…'