Lessons in Social Media from Ecclesiastes

Lessons in Social Media from Ecclesiastes

How might one of the most intriguing books in the Bible speak into the world of social media profiles and platforms?

As I’ve shared before, in a bid to try and wade deep in some Scripture, Ecclesiastes has kind of become my Bible ‘home-page’ for the last twelve months. And one of the surprising ways I’ve found God’s word speaking into my own life is about my approach to social media. I shared some of these reflections recently over on Threads. Here’s a taster:

When we were kids growing up on the Wirral, one of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon was running crazy along the sandstone ridges that overlook the Dee estuary. There was one particularly huge boulder, known locally as Thor’s Stone, which made the perfect spot for an old-school game of blocky. We’d exhaust ourselves, endlessly scrambling up and down its brick-red ruts and gullies.

And then, when there was virtually nothing left in our tanks, we’d climb to the top and settle down for our second favourite activity: carving out our names in the soft rock face with whatever natural implements we could find. It was fairly easy to do, that’s the thing with sandstone. And part of the fun was always coming back the next time to see if we could still find each other’s names.

I was recently reminded of these childhood escapades after spending some time in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes…

You can read the full piece over on Threads here…