It has been an exhausting week, but last night saw the final event of One Hope week as Graham Daniels spoke from John 10 on Jesus’ claim to be the Good Shepherd. Just like when Jesus spoke back then, the response has been divided. There’s been joy in hearing of students turning to Jesus, as well as students rejecting Jesus’ claims.

It’s been a real privilege to witness Danno’s sincerity, his respect for the listener, his gracious tone and words, doing everything he can to make the gospel clear and easy to listen to. We were also joined by a large team of Christian Union guests from around the country who all gave up a week to serve in Durham this week. It was great to be able to chat to them, and be encouraged and enthused from their wisdom.

‘Truth claims are power claims and we’re annoyed Jesus is making power claims on our lives. Jesus calls us to turn our lives around, not to make a hobby.’
Graham Daniels

Christianity Explored kicks off this coming week, as we pray students will come along and think through Jesus’ words over a coffee in small groups. It’s exciting seeing a kingdom grow, seeing revolutionaries come together around a symbol of folly.

All the talks are now available for download here.

Mission is for life, not just for Mission Week…