Have been reading Ryle’s brief account of the life and death of John Bradford, one of the English reformers of the sixteenth-century who was burnt at the stake.

Here are some words of Bradford’s in a letter to the Earl of Bedford in 1554:

Remember He lost more for you than you can lose for Him. Remember you lose not that which is lost for His sake, for you shall find much more here and elsewhere. Remember you shall die; and when and where and how you cannot tell. Remember the death of sinners is most terrible. Remember the death of God’s saints is precious in his sight. Remember the multitude goeth the wide way which windeth to woe. Remember the strait gate which leadeth to glory has but few travellers. Remember Christ biddeth you strive to enter in threat. Remember he that trusteth in the Lord shall recieve strength to stand against all the assaults of his enemies.

These are the words of a man who would rather be burnt to death than compromise the gospel message. Immense grace at work.

Old but never out of date…