The Sunday Refill (22/10/23)

The Sunday Refill (22/10/23)

Seven up...

1) Post-Christianity? Podcast - The first episode has now dropped from this new podcast, as Glen Scrivener and Andrew Wilson consider our Western, post-Christian culture, discussing how we got here, what it means, and how to respond through topics ranging from sexuality, psychology, and economics to identity, theology, hospitality, and art. Video available here.

2) Gaza From The Perspective of a Murderer's Daughter - It's hard to know how to say anything about what is happening in Gaza and Israel. This is a pretty gut-wrenching personal and long-form piece that indirectly draws out something gritty about our humanity. Trigger warning: a description of domestic abuse.

3) Staying for the Glory of God: The Sibbes, Simeon and Stott Model - Mark Dever argues we should take longevity in a pastorate more seriously than we currently seem to do - and looks at three Anglican ministers to do so.

4) A Radical Way to Approach Church Announcements - Get ready to have those feathers ruffled!

5) Listen, Don’t Critique - In a church culture where preaching is (rightly) valued, it's easy to drift into postures of critique, rather than listening to the Holy Spirit address us through the Scriptures.

6) 'Counselling for Normal Christians' - Some really helpful stuff here on knowing each other well, given the 'deep waters' of our hearts.

7) Best Sandwich for Every US State - For something a bit different, have you had your lunch yet?! Try one of these this week!