The Sunday Refill (29/10/23)

The Sunday Refill (29/10/23)
Photo by Emre / Unsplash

Seven up...

1) State of the Bible 2023 - Brilliant and punchy downloadable report on Bible translation statistics for 2022-23 from Wycliffe Bible Translators.

2) New album, '8', from Brooke Ligertwood - Really appreciating this, including this fab opening track, 'Bless God/Every Chance I Get', with some delightful verses:

Blessed are those who run to Him
Who place their hope and confidence in Jesus
He won’t forsake them
Blessed are those who seek His face
Who bend their knee and fix their gaze on Jesus
They won’t be shaken

3) A Liturgy for Responding to International Tragedy - Adapted by Bradley Bell from Doug McKelvey's fabulous 'Every Moment Holy II', this is a really helpful prayer in the midst of the horrors in Israel and Gaza. And on that, why not read Doug on how 'All of Life is Liturgical' - or a little bit of the vision behind EMH.

4) Five Things Special Needs Families Need From Their Church - I've seen a few people share this as being a helpful prompt from their experience.

5) One Question for Halloween - This was recorded in 2020 in the midst of COVID, but here's a little video pondering how we might approach Halloween.

6) When Role Eats Soul: The Spiritual Needs of the Pastor’s Family - Although this piece focuses on the impact of a pastor's family, the reality is whether we are single or married, whether or not we have kids, there is sadly a clear challenge of role taking out soul. Much to ponder here.

7) Double Dream Feet - For something a bit different, you've gotta smile at this. Strangely hypnotising. Isn't YouTube a fascinating place!


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