Looking for an Advent Devotional?

Looking for an Advent Devotional?

A couple of years ago I wrote an Advent devotional exploring the Old Testament book of Ruth. It's called Finding Hope Under Bethlehem Skies.

If you're looking for an accessible and fresh take on Advent for you and your church, here's five reasons why you might give it a go...

If you want to pick up a copy direct from the publisher or read reviews, you can do that here. 10ofthose specialises in bulk buys, so the more you order, the cheaper they get!

If you'd like to preach through Ruth during Advent too - perhaps to accompany the devotional - then I've also written this simple 'Preacher's Guide', which you can download for free here. It guides you through a four-week Ruth preaching series with ideas for talk outlines, etc.

If you've used it before, perhaps this year you might recommend it to a friend or your local church?

Thanks for your support!