The Sunday Refill (5/11/23)

The Sunday Refill (5/11/23)
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Seven up...

1) Glen Scrivener reflects on the M&S Christmas Ad - Christmas adverts are here already, and this one has raised a few eyebrows. Glen's cultural analysis is second to none. They didn't help themselves with their apology...

2) When Death Starts to Take Our Friends - Moving reflection on Matthew Perry's death and the reminder of our mortality.

3) Free eBook - Finding My Faith by Blair Linne - Blair's personal story of growing up without a father at home will resonate with many. She deftly weaves the narrative with thoughtful theological reflection, inviting readers to learn from God what "father" really means and to trust him, even if we feel our earthly father has let us down. You can download this for free in November.

4) Why I still believe the Church of England’s prayers for same-sex couples won’t work - Helpful to read this reflection from the principal of one of the Church of England's training colleges, Rev. Dr. Sean Doherty.

5) 'But Mom, Everyone ELSE has A Smart Phone!' - Author Jon Haidt shares four tips in light of how hard it is not to give your kids a smart phone - and why this 'collective action problem' is worth facing...

6) The Half-Baked Sermon - Interesting reflection on modern preaching seen through the lens of the Puritans.

7) 'So Why Did It Take You So Long To Clear Up After Church?' - For something a bit different, this is quite simply a masterpiece...


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