The Sunday Refill (19/11/23)

The Sunday Refill (19/11/23)
Photo by Emre / Unsplash

Seven up...

1) Free Church-Planting Journal from 9Marks - 9Marks journals are always full of juicy material. This edition - focused in on church planting - offers a healthy correction to some of the 'niche' vibes that can sometimes float around the church planting world. As editor Jonathan Leeman writes, "Church plants and planters are sometimes treated as something other than churches and pastors. They’re not. Plants are churches, planters are pastors. Say it twice if it will help you remember..." 

2) Thirty Theses on Contending - The events of the Church of England's General Synod this week were weighty and controversial. For a written summary, see some Synod speech quotes & voting here - and then some post-Synod responses here. If you're after a podcast summary, listen to Tim Wyatt & guests here at Premier Plus, although you'll need to log-in. But the main link above is a really helpful downloadable list unpacking the different ways the Bible offers indicatives and imperatives around 'contending for the faith'. It's a great resource for discussing with a church leadership team and helps us guard against simply doing what is most comfortable or easy.

3) Beckham: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.... Let's Talk to Emma Scrivener - The Beckham documentary is fascinating on so many levels, and also offers a heady dosage of late 90's/early 2000s nostalgia for those of us who grew up during that 'era' (!). The Table Talk podcast do what they do so well, interviewing a fab guest (this time Emma Scrivener) and thinking about it through a evangelistic faith lens.

4) New Study Confirms the Value of Solitude - Important observation that Cal Newport digs out here.

5) Leadership Principles for Having Good Conversations When There is Disagreement - This looks like a great free webinar from CPAS this coming week.

6) Why I Am Now a Christian - Former Muslim, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, writes for UnHerd about her journey to the Christian faith. It's interesting how she cites Tom Holland's book, Dominion, along the way. Some readers may be used to hearing people say more about their personal response to Jesus Christ in testimonies, but it's a fascinating angle - and a reminder that we all start a journey of conversion from somewhere.

7) The Thanksgiving Song - For something a bit different (and to particularly show willing to our US readers - because by next Sunday we'll have already had Thanksgiving!), you can't go far wrong with three minutes of Ben Rector goodness and this 2020 hit is a beauty - and a clever video too.


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