The Sunday Refill (3/12/23)

The Sunday Refill (3/12/23)
Photo by Luke Porter / Unsplash

Seven up...

(By the way, apologies for the absence last week - I was stuck under a duvet after catching a sickbug from the kiddos.)

1) What Christmas Means to Me - A simple evangelistic piece from J John sharing the way Christmas has changed for him.

2) Habits of Light for a World of Darkness - Justin Whitmel Earley shares his habit resource for Advent & Christmas - some good stuff here.

3) Prayers for the Advent Season - A collection of contemporary prayers for this season taken from a new book.

4) Leading a Carol Service - A friend is leading his church's carol service and asked for tips to 'help make it a really great experience to those who don't usually attend church'. There's some brilliant responses. In fact, whilst we're on lists, here's '12 Unconventional Christmas Event Tips', which offers a slightly wider focus.

5) The Pastor as Curator - I guess this is kinda what the Refill is about, but it's something perhaps all of us can overlook.

6) Charlie’s Bar: How this viral advert encourages and challenges the Church - Have you seen the moving two minute Christmas advert for Charlie’s Bar, Enniskillen? Take a look. And read Alexandra Drew's article exploring how it might challenge the church.

7) Thanksgiving '97. The day Barney was killed - I don't think I've seen this before. Strangely mesmorising.


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