The Sunday Refill (10/12/23)

The Sunday Refill (10/12/23)
Photo by Tyler Nix / Unsplash

Seven up...

1) Table Talk: Is the Christmas Story True? - Another brilliant TT podcast episode, this time interviewing author and history student Carl Laferton. Great inspiration before you write your carol service talk!

2) A Liturgy for the Wrapping of Christmas Gifts - Love the 'everyday vision' of Every Moment Holy. Here's a prayer to stop and make you think as you get in present wrapping mode...

3) Advent Playlist - As you may know, I'm a sucker for a good playlist. Here's the Rabbit Room's Advent collection.

4) How to Find a Gift They'll (Actually) Love - Ok, this is actually pretty useful! If you’re freezing up when it comes to the people who mean the most (as I often do), try asking one of these questions about what your loved ones love.

5) Reflection on Ministerial Burnout - It's a 'busy season', right? So I'll just throw this one into the mix. Mark Jones offers some reflections from his Presbyterian Church in America context.

6) The Christmas Countdown - Classic three minute spoken-word animation from Glen Scrivener, Nate Morgan-Locke and the team at Speak Life, inviting people to read their revamped 321 evangelistic material.

7) The Extent of Love - For something only a little bit different, get your tissues ready...


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