The Christmas Refill (24/12/23)

The Christmas Refill (24/12/23)
Photo by Jeffrey Wegrzyn / Unsplash

Ok, so we missed last week, so here's nearly two weeks worth of links - because I know you'll have all the time in the world!

Merry Christmas!

1) Podcast: How to Wait for Christmas in an Age of Instant Gratification with Jonathan Gibson - Nearly there...

2) A Playlist for Christmas Morn - Not got one yet? Why not try this. Each track is a personal recommendation from a pastor in the Harbor network in the US.

3) Shepherd's Meal - This is a fun family idea for Christmas from a new initiative encouraging families to eat and pray together, Eat & Amen.

4) A most violent year: Understanding the political world into which Jesus was born - Fascinating from historian Philip Jenkins.

5) Uncomfortable Christmas - How do we respond when spending time with family means spending time with lots of people who don't share our faith?

6) Tim Keller: Why Christmas Matters - As we come to the end of the year in which Keller died, this is a classic piece of TK writing - lucid, logical, personal.

7) Christians on Christmas in the national UK media - Great to see these. Pat Allerton writing in The Sun; Graham Tomlin writing in the FT; David Frost writing in The Telegraph; and J John writing in The Times.

8) Our Godless era is Dead - Recent convert and incredible writer Paul Kingsnorth stands back and surveys our cultural moment. Well worth reading.

9) The 'Mega Joy' of Christmas - Boom. Love this 'zoomed out' perspective on the Bible's big story.

10) 'Emmanuel Means...' - If you haven't discovered the DumbRocks Christmas record, The Glory of Christmas, then this is a glorious place to start. Joy.

11) A Prayer for Grief during Christmas - Maybe you or someone you know will find this helpful?

12) "Jesus is God’s word to us in good times and in bad." - I appreciated this Christmas message speaking into national and international events...

13) How to wrap presents... - For something a bit different, erm, hang on, slow down...

14) If you had to preach on Christmas Day, what would be your catchiest sermon title? - Bonus content alert - ok, some these answers, seriously, where's my notepad...