Having recently picked up the ball again on the blogging front, I enjoyed listening to this Panel discussion from Band of Bloggers 2012. BOB began as a group of Christian bloggers seeking to encourage each other to blog with a passion for the gospel of Jesus. Their 2012 panel was a pre-event to the Together for the Gospel 2012 conference that happened over in the states earlier this month.

As I’ve seen the emergence of blogging on Christian matters over the last 7 years (and had a few dabbles myself over those years), I’ve witnessed the real blessing that it can be, but also seen something of its less attractive side. So it was great to hear these guys speak of the potential of blogging, whilst also flagging up the dangers and calling for an eagerness to edify (‘imagine if your ‘Publish’ button was labelled ‘Edify’ instead; would you still click it?’) in how we blog.

Others who witnessed the Panel and have since shared helpful summaries and thoughts include Renewing Thoughts (here) and Hobo Theology (here). You also may be interested to read Panel Member Timmy Brister’s short post after the event. For sake of ease another link to the audio is available here.

The Ethics of Christian Blogging