The Saturday Refill – 7 Links for the Weekend (5/3/16)

The Saturday Refill – 7 Links for the Weekend (5/3/16)

Dust that Costa clubcard off and have a butcher’s at these.

And please note, it took every inch of self-control in my body to refrain from including highlights of West Ham’s impressive victory over Spurs (but it is available on Match of the Day…):

1) Losing My Mum, One Memory at a Time – Tim Thornborough reflects on the impact of Alzheimer’s as his Mum & him approach Mother’s Day.

2) What was a church service like in the second century? – Justin Taylor draws attention to   N.R. Needham’s fascinating survey of evidence regarding church practice in the second-century.

3) Free Ed Stetzer Church Planting Modules – You can watch the first three video modules from a new Church Planting training series, Essential Church-Planting, featuring seasoned planter & planter-trainer Ed Stetzer.

4) The Surprising Discovery About Those Colonialist, Proselytizing Missionaries – An interesting account of sociologist Robert Woodberry’s research that led him to a controversial conclusion: that the nineteenth-century missionary movement had a strong, positive influence on liberal democratization.

5) The Geography of Forgiven Sins – This two-minute video from Grace Church Bedford gives a fresh presentation of the incredible results of Jesus’ death on the cross for all who would trust him.

6) Cultivating Habits of Grace – Struggle with prayer or reading your Bible? David Mathis and Crossway have put together a free five-day email video series trying to give a helping hand to cultivating these ‘habits of grace’.

7) See Us – A short and simple message for preachers, which can be easy to lose sight of.

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