The skill of humility…

The skill of humility…
Yep, that was intentionally ironic. Five suggestions from Michael Ramsey, former Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of Durham, on staying humble…



… ‘Thankfulness is a soil on which pride does not easily grow’.

Confession… be honest about your sin; criticise yourself in God’s presence.
3. Accept humiliations… however hard that may be.
4. Don’t worry about any status you have apart from how you are in God’s sight.
5. Use your sense of humour:
‘Laugh about things. Laugh at the absurdities of life. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at your own absurdities. We are, all of us, infinitisimally small and ludicrous creatures within God’s universe. You have to be serious, but never be solemn, because if you are solemn about anything there is the risk of becoming solemn about yourself.
Ramsey’s words as quoted by John Stott.