Seven up…

1) Celebrating the life of Brother Andrew (1928-2022) – Brother Andrew, best known as ‘God’s Smuggler’, also the name of his incredible biography, has died aged 94. He founded Open Doors and they testify to God’s work in his amazing life here.

2) ‘Who Am I?’ Faith in Kids material – “Our confused culture is asking children to create their own answers to that question. This pressure to decide everything for themselves robs them of the secure identity that God has given them.” The YouTube teaser looks fab, but the material itself is immense. This 7-week suite of resources helps open up positive conversations with families – study notes, all age talks, activities, visuals, questions and parents handouts to help church communities take on their kids’ biggest questions.

3) BeReal: Authenticity in the Social Media Age – Liam Thatcher reflects on the significance of this popular new photo app offering the chance to ‘BeReal’.

4) Living for Jesus at work – This collection of advice, wisdom & guidance looks like a really helpful resource from Evangelical Alliance, seeking to equip people to live out their Christian faith in their workplaces.

5) Managing Complex Change – I don’t know where this has come from this, but this shows the power of a good diagram to communicate. What is needed to manage complex change – and what happens when one element of the process is missing?

6) Top 5 Heresies Among American Evangelicals – The State of Theology report by Ligonier Ministries has some fascinating findings from a US audience. The write-up from Christianity Today above notes some of the most significant data.

7) Superman Cyclist – For something a bit different, Italian cyclist Michael Guerra’s application of physics and aerodynamics is pretty nuts…

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (2/10/22)