The Sunday Refill – 7 Links For Your Weekend (28/1/18)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links For Your Weekend (28/1/18)
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Sorry; a week AWOL due to somehow failing to renew the domain name, but very grateful that none of you dedicated readers tried to sneak in and buy it before selling it on to me for a ridiculous profit. Appreciated.

Anyways, seven up:

1) The Incredible Christian Testimony of a Former Gymnast as She Confronts Her Sexual Abuser in Court – The horrific abuse case of Dr Larry Nassar, a doctor for Team USA Gymnastics, is making front pages in the States, but what hasn’t been highlighted so much is the remarkable Christian testimony of one of his victims, Rachael Denhollander, in court. In light of Weinstein and #MeToo this is a powerful and compelling example of a uniquely Christian response. From 25:40, she addresses Nassar directly.

2) Five Posts on Depression and Hope – Philippa’s posts are always so good to read. Perhaps there’s something here to share with someone who is struggling.

3) New Songs for a New Year – Andy Fenton from Music Ministry has collected together some brilliant fresh songs and modern hymns to use in church. Have a peruse and listen along!

4) You Don’t Have to be an Alpha Male to Plant a Church – Contrary to the impressions sometimes given…

5) Jordan Peterson – One almost wonders whether Channel 4 newscaster Cathy Newman is receiving a cut of Canadian professor Jordan Peterson’s book profits, such is the state of Peterson-Fever in the UK these past ten days or so since her interview with the psychologist. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about then you first need to watch that incredible interchange. Alastair Roberts has written this very helpful piece looking at what Christians can learn from Peterson’s popularity. David Robertson gives a lengthy and quotation-laden review of Peterson’s book, whilst fellow church leader Matthew Hosier also offers his own review.

6) The only people shocked at the Presidents Club debacle are the ones who don’t read their Bibles – Quite right. Sin always horrifies us, but it never surprises us.

7) A Nursery Class Watches an Egg Hatch and Then Sings Happy Birthday to it – For something a bit different, this is adorable!

On the Blog this Week:

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