The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (4/2/18)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (4/2/18)

Seven up…

1) How to Lead a Team of Others – Some useful questions & structure suggestions for leading teams.

2) Four Ways Netflix Perpetuates Modern Anxieties – Increasingly the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime are the means by which so many of us consume ‘TV’. This piece is an interesting take on how the medium of ‘on-demand’ impacts upon us.

3) Three cheers for the Church of England Evangelical Council’s statement on marriage and sex – David Baker reports on this positive and courageous document from the CEEC.

4) What to Remember When Church Planting is Disappointing – Good stuff from pastor/planter John Hindley.

5) Low-Income Communities Are Struggling to Support Churches – Fascinating post in The Atlantic which bears relevance for the UK scene, especially in relation to partnership across financial divides. In fact the other week, Stephen Watkinson wrote personal piece, based on his experiences in Rochdale, which is well worth reflecting on.

6) How dare Ofsted chief compare Christianity to violent Islamic extremism? Worrying, but many would say increasingly unsurprising comments about Christian input in the education system this week.

7) The Things That Come to Those Who Wait – For something a bit different, here’s a sociocultural history of the queue. And, yes, you read that right.