The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (6/3/22)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (6/3/22)

Seven up…

1) How to Talk to Kids About the War in Ukraine – Some helpful pointers from Justin Whitmel Early.

2) Christian Charities Working in Ukraine – Christian organisation Stewardship highlight a number of their Christian partners working in Ukraine. Also, the Sanctuary Foundation also hopes to support new arrivals from Ukraine in the UK, as the UK government’s humanitarian sponsorship programme is designed. Register your interest here.

3) What’s the deal with Lent? – Some Christians mark the season of Lent, some don’t. Here’s a few thoughts about Lent, with a daily prayer for the season.

4) How to Nurture a Faith-Sharing Culture – This new book from James Lawrence and CPAS looks brilliant: “What if evangelism was a ministry of the whole church, not just a few? What if it was central to the life of a church rather than something done on the margins? What if it was part of the ‘way we do things round here’?” That’s the aim of this resource, a straightforward guide to nurturing a faith-sharing culture in your church, congregation, fresh expression or church plant. And CPAS have 3000 free copies to give away if you’re the leader of an Anglican church, Fresh Expression or church plant in the UK or Ireland. Register above.

5) Putin’s Spiritual Destiny – Fascinating take on the spiritual motivations behind Putin’s horrific actions in Ukraine.

6) New Album from Kingdom Kids – If this first track on Ephesians 1 is anything to go by, this seem like a fab new kids album from Kingdom Kids.

7) Top 5 wickets of Shane Warne – For something a bit different, this showcases one of the greatest bowlers in cricket history, Shane Warne, who died suddenly aged 52 this week.