gray havens

I’m enjoying the album Where Eyes Don’t Go, by The Gray Havens after reading Challies’ interview with one-half of TGH, Dave Radford. For a limited time you can download the short album for free at their bandcamp site here. There’s some beautifully imaginative lyrics playing around with themes like grace, creation and Christ, set to some very catchy piano-led jazz-pop tunes. Reminded me a bit of The Moldy Peaches, with a bit of Jamie Cullum or Buble thrown in. Check them out. Here’s a few lyrics from one of my faves, Train Station:

And each conductor raved,
They shouted buy your tickets,
Save your souls,
But one conductor sang:

He shouted You, come follow me,
I’ll buy your tickets and I’ll pay your fees,
Cuz I know what you cost,
Believe me without this train you will be lost,

So the rich men laughed and they walked away,
But the poor ones felt that they should stay,
So they told all of their friends,
They told even strangers, til there ten thousands,
Of people said come let us see,
This scandalous train that claims to be free,
Just let him speak…

Free Music from The Gray Havens