Is the gospel really all about human flourishing and realised potential? Maybe if you tune in to some of the Christian lingo, songs and books that are part of our culture, that’s the impression you might get. But what if all that is actually evidence that we’ve so misshaped and distorted the Christian message, that what we’re teaching in our churches is barely the biblical gospel of Jesus?

That would be a pretty serious thing, for sure, but that’s what Glynn Harrison observes and explores over on his blog. As a Christian and a professor of psychiatry, Glynn’s well-placed to comment on the changing dynamic he’s seen in evangelical churches.

His full post is well worth reading here, but let me give you a taster:


In today’s culture, we don’t want to come to Church to sing ‘Tell me the old, old story’ but rather, ‘Let me tell you my story!’ Forget forcing our kids to sing ‘we are weak but he is strong’, now you can buy the T-shirt: ‘I may be little, but to God I’m big stuff!’

Indeed, in some circles the cross itself has been turned into another symbol of self-worth. Doesn’t God love us with such a passion that it took his Son to the cross? Then we must be worth saving. Wow. You’re incredible!

You can also pick up Glynn’s well-commended book, The Big Ego Trip, here.

The Gospel as "Wow. You're Incredible!"…