The Easter Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Easter (1/4/18)

The Easter Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Easter (1/4/18)

Sunday’s here and the tomb is empty.

He’s up, so heads up. And here’s seven up…

1) A Song: Jerusalem by City Alight – We’re playing this at Grace Church Barrow on Sunday. I love the way this track narrates the Easter story and goes forward to the end of history, capturing the wonder of it all: “See the King who made the sun / And the moon and shining stars / Let the soldiers hold and nail Him down / So that He could save them.” Some notes on playing it here. You can find the lyrics here and the chords here.

2) A Video: Glen Scrivener’s Divine Comedy, Human Tragedy – If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s a must. “What is life, what kind of tale? Comedy or tragic fail?” Some really impressive stop-motion to go with Glen’s creative gospelicious word-smithery.

3) An Album: Resurrection Letters, Volume 1 by Andrew Peterson – I linked to AP a few weeks ago, but now that his full Easter-themed album is out, I’m gonna have to point you in his direction and suggest you melt down all your Easter eggs, sell the pure chocolate off and spend your takings on this.

4) A Church Service: Highfields Cardiff on BBC Radio – If for whatever reason you’re unable to get to a church service this Easter Sunday, then why not listen to BBC Radio Wales’ recording of Easter from Highfields Church in Cardiff with Dave Gobbett. (Of course, you’re still allowed to listen even if you have been to church – it’s just 30 minutes!)

5) A Playlist: Easter Weekend (compiled by Music Ministry UK) – If you’ve got Spotify, then the lovely people at Music Ministry UK have compiled the perfect playlist for today. Happy listening!

6) An Article: It’s Time to Reckon with Celebrity Power – At Easter we see that Jesus’ way was the path of weakness and self-denial. This is a really important and timely piece – perhaps save it away for tomorrow’s holiday – as Andy Crouch reflects on the way in which the church has become awash with celebrity power and suggests some changes: “Celebrity combines the old distance of power with what seems like its exact opposite—extraordinary intimacy, or at least a bewitching simulation of intimacy.”

7) Another Few Videos: An Unexpected Letter – A couple of years old, but I’d not seen this before. Likewise, Lee Strobel has put together this little video looking at the evidence for the resurrection.

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