The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (15/4/18)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (15/4/18)
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No Refill last week due to holiday. Lots of refilling needed.

Anyway, back with you now and here’s seven up.

1) Free Audiobook: ReSet by David Murray – I plugged Christian Audio’s free book of the month back in January. Now we’re in April and it’s well worth downloading. ReSet is about carving out a ‘grace-paced life in a burnout culture’. Really practical, holistic and there’s something about being read to in a mature Scottish accent. Did I mention it’s free? More accompanying resources here.

2) How to Plant a Church, Not a Service – This is a long-form article, but if y0u’re involved in church-planting – or any ministry, really – it’s a really valuable read. It takes down the ‘church-planting-is-sexy-myth’ pretty quick, and it’s big on realism, people and the steady plod. In other words, authentic ministry.

3) Reading is fundamental – to the family’s happiness – Not from a Christian perspective, but it certainly fits. Read to your kids. Even when they can read for themselves, read to your kids.

4) Unanswered Prayers Are Invitations from God – “Prayer has all the idiosyncrasies of a relationship because it is the way we relate to God.”

5) ‘Satanism became my life’ – Meet the devil worshipper turned ‘hipster’ vicar – Fascinating to see this autobiographical article on the BBC. You can also watch a five-minute film of Ben getting a tattoo to signify becoming a Christian and sharing his story here.

6) The Whole in our Holiness – The huge Together For the Gospel conference happened in Kentucky in the US this week. If you listen to one talk, then apparently this is the one to tune into. Ligon Duncan showcases the power of the gospel and challenges us to stop neglecting the call to social justice or loving our neighbour.

7) Get Paid to Watch Netflix – For something a bit different: “One-hour stand-up specials go by pretty quickly, but I’ve also been assigned a 60-hour Colombian crime drama about Pablo Escobar’s hitman…”

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