The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (17/10/21)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (17/10/21)

Seven up…

1) Psalm 150 (Praise the Lord) by Matt Boswell & Matt Papa – This new version of the 150th psalm is pretty special and has become a quick favourite in the Ham-mobile.

2) A Pastor Embraces Slowness – Cal Newport, author of Deep Work and Digital Minimalism, recently said that the people who contact him most about his writings are pastors! This is an interesting example that Cal shares of a Lutheran pastor called Amy.

3) Natasha’s Law Testimony – On 1st October ‘Natasha’s law’ came into effect requiring all food business’s to include full ingredients lists, after the tragic death of 15-year old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse after an allergic reaction to a sesame seed in a Pret baguette. This is a remarkable interview with Natasha’s father, Nadim Laperouse, who shares his honest and devastating account of losing his daughter and how this tragic event led him to share his daughter’s Christian faith. If you want to listen via Spotify instead of Apple Podcasts, click here.

4) What are the Chances? – This is brilliant! A three-minute video from Pete Snow and Ben Clube showcasing the fact that Jesus Christ fulfilled over 100 promises from the Jewish Bible. Download link is in the YouTube description.

5) To Be Heavenly Minded Is To Be *MORE* Earthly Good – Stirring stuff from Scott Sauls.

6) Autumn Music Ministry Playlist – Appreciate how Music Ministry UK collate new and popular songs being sung in churches and pop them all in one Spotify playlist.

7) Praise God for the Puffer Fish – For something a bit different, this is just stunning.

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