The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (21/3/21)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (21/3/21)

Seven up:

1) From March to March, How Music Made Meaning – As we mark a year of lockdown, this is a collection of the music that formed a part of that year: “Thank God we have the ability to make meaning in a chaotic world. Thank God we can create beauty as a testament to hope in a world of fear, and resurrection in a world of death.”

2) For When the Saints Come Marching In – Garry Williams with some profound reflections on what it means to pastor people emerging from lockdown.

3) Pam Against Posturing: On the Michael Scott Theory of Social Class – Ok this is niche, but if you’re into the American version of The Office, it may be just your cup of tea – a kind of theo-sociological reading of the characters.

4) I’m an Evangelist. We Must Think (and Feel) Our Way Out of This Mess – There’s been some dialogue over the last few years as to the relationship between mind and heart, not least in how people change. A few weeks ago I linked to this article from James K. A. Smith offering one perspective. Esther O’Reilly offers this healthy response which reflects on the role of truth and the mind.

5) What would a conversion therapy ban mean for gay Christians like me? – Largely the social media heat around banning gay conversion therapy has shrugged off any suggestion some nuance would be important. Ed Shaw in The Spectator speaks from his own perspective and with his own story, offering a concern.

6) New Song: It Was Finished Upon That Cross (City Alight) – Just in time for Holy Week: “Free from every plan of darkness Free to live and free to love Death is dead and Christ is risen! It was finished upon that cross…”

7) Line of Duty Series 1-5 Summarised in 6 Minutes – For something a bit different, if you’re about to start L.O.D. Series 6 (or just have), then this is a fun whistle-stop catch-up on the major plot points. Take a deep breath first.