The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (22/1/23)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (22/1/23)

Seven up…

1) What are the bishops saying and doing in response to the end of LLF? – Ian Paul examines the House of Bishop’s statement and prayers as part of their conclusions in the Living in Love & Faith project.

2) The Gospel in Wingfeather – We’re loving Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather books before bed in our household. This is a great reflection on the way in which they tell ‘the better story’…

3) To the Bored All Things Are Boring – Fascinating piece.

4) He Has Time – Jamie MacDonald – Trigger warning: sexual abuse. This is a stunning song that addresses sexual abuse through the lens of faith.

5) UK Church Decline and Progressive Ideology – This came across my path this week, even though it was first published in May 2022.

6) A Tale of Two Privileges: or, the Existential Choice for the Church of England – Joshua Penduck offers a witty but telling reposte to the situation facing the Church of England.

7) Chili Klaus & Boys Choir On Fire 🔥 – For something a bit different, this will transform your carol services next year… keep watching!