The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (3/12/17)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (3/12/17)

Seven up…

1) Meet the Nativity, Episode 1 – If you haven’t watched and shared this yet, then get on board quick before Episode 2 launches at 5pm Monday: “a time-traveling romantic comedy in which 21st- and 1st-century Christmases magically collide.”

2) How your Christmas outreach service will probably go (told through Star Wars gifs) – Love it…

3) What Kind of Liberal Society Do We Want? – Theos Annual Lecture 2017 – Former Leader of the Liberal Democrats and committed Christian Tim Farron is on good form here. Some great insight into the current culture and the failings of our so-called liberal society.

4) Advent Reflections – I don’t know if you’re doing anything special for Advent, but there’s a short daily reflection at this blog and they’ve been brilliant. Go sign up.

5) Five Ideas for Celebrating Advent as a Family – Some great ideas for involving all ages in this season of waiting.

6) Paul’s Journeys in Acts – A bit niche, but have you ever thought, “I’d love it if someone put all of Paul’s missionary journeys on to Google Maps?” Well, merry Christmas…

7) Ten dark pieces to listen to on darker evenings – For something a bit different, stretch your musical vocabulary with this list.

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