The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (7/2/21)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (7/2/21)

Seven up…

1) A Conversation with Tim Keller: On Cancer, Book Recommendations, Celebrity, and the Reformed Resurgence – Listening to 70-year old Tim Keller reflect on life since his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, Christian celebrity, and ‘reformed’ evangelicalism, is a fascinating listen – including some really interesting observations on evangelicalism in the UK.

2) Katharsis Culture – Alan Jacobs’ reading of so-called ‘cancel culture’ is a worthy investment of your time.

3) Sea Shanties: A New Song for Your City? – I enjoyed this little piece on the TikTok Sea Shanty trend.

4) Why We Need Fiction for Moral Formation – I haven’t dipped into this recording yet, but knowing Russell Moore, this will be fascinating.

5) Sorrow Fades – Love this new track from EMU Music. Recalling God’s words of comfort to Israel after the destruction of Jerusalem, this is a delightful song that acknowledges that this life can be tough, but we have a Hope that awaits us and can even now join in the praises of the heavenly assembly.

6) It’s Far Too Late to Think About Death When You’re Dying – Let’s Do It Now – I’ve been encouraged by some of the Credo columns in The Times of late. Personal goal right there by the way. Here’s Graham Tomlin brilliantly pointing out that we’ve talked a lot about the number of deaths, but not much about death itself.

7) ‘Totally Fixed Where We Are’ – For something a bit different, ok, yes I could have gone for the Handforth Parish Council Zoom (Google it if that rings no bells), but for me it was hearing the Marsh Family nail this third lockdown…

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